Research Consultancy

The Research Consultancy cell of TWY is committed to help young and enthusiastic researchers and offers customised consultation, assistance, aid, and guidance in doing their research. Research Consultancy Cell helps the researchers/students engaged in research in preparing a questionnaire, collecting data and analysing that data using appropriate statistical software.

TWY offers primary and secondary data research studies in different areas like Consumer Research, Socio-Economic Research and Market Research.

Market Research is a tool that connects the customer to the company providing services or selling products. Market research is a planned study of gathering information from the market and analysis relevant to the identification and solution for any marketing problem. Manufacturers, retailers, and other business organisations need information or feedback from the end-users of the products to improve the quality of the product. The conclusions of these types of researches help in making sound marketing decisions.

TWY is composed of a team of enthusiastic researchers who work under the guidance of experienced faculty and industry leaders. Our Market researchers have a procedure is made up of desk research, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, questionnaires, qualitative analysis and numerical reports of that data using different software. They employ special techniques for selecting samples and analysing the data.